Interviewing a firefighter in a podcast about courage was a no-brainer, but I was not prepared for some of the examples of courage that Pat Malone talked about.

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Pat and his co-worker Guthrie in 1998

19 years ago, Pat Malone packed up his fiance and left Boston and his successful career as a Marine Mammal Trainer to join the elite group of courageous men and women in the Chicago Fire Department. He was recently promoted to Captain, and though he still loves his job as a fireman, he unquestionably considers his role as father to Patrick (15) and Kevin (13) to be the greatest job he’ll ever have. I worked with Pat in Boston, and was super thrilled to have him on the podcast. We talk about climbing a 50ft free-standing ladder on the freezing cold, windy first day of the fire academy, we talk about running into burning buildings when the rats and roaches are running out, and running out when it’s time to give up the fight, and we talk about fatherhood, and how, unlike the fire department, there’s no training for it, and it is therefore the scariest thing he has to do. Enjoy this fabulous interview with this amazing man that I am proud to call my friend.

Becky, Kevin, Patrick and Pat, 2018