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Michele is a smart, 29-year-old bundle of spunk, energy, and enthusiasm.   Brains and brawn…the whole package!

She discovered her passion for health and fitness while living in New York City which is where I first met her when she became an instructor for me.  We became fast friends.  Before I met her, she was a professional actor in musical theater and toured with the kids production ofScooby Doo as Velma for a while.

She’s now the owner, president and head weight re-racker of Tiny Beast Fitness in St Louis.  She strives to help clients tap into their inner athlete, and she pushes them to discover strength that resonates both inside and outside the gym.  She is a lover of peanut butter, push-ups and puns.  I call her mighty mouse, and she’s always good for a laugh and a great workout!

You can find her on Instagram: @medumoulin