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Francois was an instructor for me when I worked for the gym chain in New York City. He was a great instructor, loved by our members, and taught super fun classes! I met Francois for the first time during his audition. He was sitting on the floor stretching before we started, and all of a sudden, he did the splits. Then rolled through them. He has more flexibility than a couple of the hockey goalies I’ve dated!

As I stood, staring at him, mouth agape, he smiled coyly. “Dancer!” he simply said, and got up to start.

We have both moved from New York, and in this episode, I catch up with Francois on what he’s doing now. I knew him as a fun, spunky, sassy fitness instructor, but after this call, I found he was so much more!

Perfect for this time of year, let’s focus on love, not fear!

Thank you Francois, for your honesty and your love! The world is a better place because of it.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Have a safe and love filled season.