This is a tough time of year. Sometimes we’re surrounded by love and joy and we “should” feel fantastic, but we don’t. Depression takes courage to get through, and my friend Sam has been battling it back for 25 years.

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I’ve known Sam Hall since summer camp in the woods of northern Michigan in 1989. We sang opera and classical music together at the Interlochen Arts Academy boarding school. Sam was always a super talented guy with a gorgeous tenor voice, but after a few intense years at Eastman, he burned out on singing, got an IT degree and had a very successful 20 year career with computers.

In 2011, he got infected with the opera bug again when he made the semifinals of Cincinnati Opera’s “Opera Idol” competition, and he hasn’t looked back! 5 years later, he ditched the desk and took to the stage. To say he hasn’t looked back would be a lie (listen to the podcast!) but he has been quite successful staring in his first operatic lead role in the fall of 2017. Now, only a little more than a year later, he has 3 leading roles already booked in the next 6 month

“I still don’t know what I’m doing, but making it work somehow!” Probably in no little part due to the love and support of his lovely wife of 24 years, Lucricia, and his 3 grow children.

You can learn more about Sam at, or by finding him on Facebook and Instagram @Samuelhalltenor.