It takes a lot of courage to do that big thing you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t worry about the whole thing, just start, and the benefits will astound you!

If you’d rather HEAR this message via podcast, YOU CAN!! 

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You’ve got to try things, and this podcast was my recent thing that I was scared about, but did anyway.

I’ve got to tell you, doing this podast has been so much more than I expected it to be.  I thought “Fun, let me share my awesome friends with the world, and try to give everyone a few different perspectives on courage.”  Well, I have gained such a deeper respect for so many of those awesome people, and I’m psyched at the response I’ve gotten!  Why did it take me so long?

I was scared!

People suggested it, but I said “I’ll do a podcast when someone else produces it for me.  I don’t want to do all the work.”  I thought about it for a couple of years as a fun way to share relevant, interesting and entertaining content, but always set the idea aside.  I might screw it up. I won’t have time. I don’t know how.

  Then, on my way home from a super energizing speaking engagement, I started making a list of friends, and stories that I could share.  I created the format of alternating interviews with my own short stories to keep it interesting for the audience (and for me!) and suddenly I really wanted to do it.  I started looking into what it would take, and it’s actually really easy!  I already had the editing software for video/audio.  The conference line for recording is free, I had a title, a composer for a theme song, and so…

I don’t have anything fancy, but people are really enjoying it, and so am I!  It’s also bringing me way more than I thought.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my cool friends with the world.   But I’m getting weekly inspiration too, and practicing my courage to persevere and stick with things, AND I’m getting to have much deeper conversations with those super cool friends than I have before, and it’s wonderful!  I’m realizing that I didn’t even realize how cool they actually are, and I already thought they were really great! 

So, it’s 2019.  What’s that thing that you’ve been considering, but have been coming up with all kinds of excuses?   


You’ll always wish you had if you don’t, so why wait?  It’s time to do the thing!  START!  Make a commitment.  Pick ONE thing, and make it happen, or at least start exploring.  

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