Danielle (or Dani as everyone calls her) grew up in a small town in Ohio. She lived in the same house, went to the same school, had the same friends, and drove the same streets every day for 18 years. Then she decided to chase her dream of being a pharmacist and left everything she knew.

Courage isn’t always running into a burning building or jumping out of an airplane. Every day, it takes courage to take the next step in our lives, and Dani illustrates that beautifully in this interview.

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Dani is a smart and motivated 20 year old Sophomore in college, studying to become a pharmacist. She loves yellow, decorating, dogs, and now she knows that she also loves theatre. She went parasailing and jetskiing with dolphins in the summer of 2018, something she says she never would have done had she got experienced success with her transition to college. By going to college she gained confidence and a belief in herself and the direction she’s chosen for herself. She’s happier, stronger, and has a very bright future.

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