As global citizens who are socially aware, and would like to make the world a better place, it’s important to try to understand the things that we do that impact the people around us. Cultural appropriation is one of those things. What does it mean? Am I doing it? I don’t mean to. Are people just being too sensitive?

I had these questions too, so I sought out my friend and professor of feminist, gender and race issues at Drexel and UPenn, Jacqueline Sadashige, PhD to answer some of our questions.

Bottom line, it’s still confusing, and she shares that she even struggles with some instances in her life. This was very comforting to me because it’s not easy, but it is important to continue to try to understand and be sensitive to how what we’re doing could be problematic to those around us. Protesting isn’t enough. We have to examine what we’re doing on a day to day basis, so have a listen to this fascinating and eye opening interview.

Jacqui mentions as a great resource for continued learning.

And thank you for trying to be an empathetic and understanding person!

















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