Speaking  Topics

Speaking  Topics

Signature Keynote: Igniting The Courage to Embrace Discomfort

What could you accomplish if you could face life’s uncomfortable moments with confidence and courage?  What relationships could you improve?  What success could you bring to your life?  People tend to shy away from situations that are uncomfortable.  They don’t say what needs to be said.  They don’t face the risk that change presents. As a lifelong change ninja, Anne understands the self-preservative nature of that fear, and knows ways to overcome it. Passion and energy punctuate this memorable and inspiring talk, and your audience will walk away smiling and strong, ready to embrace their next uncomfortable situation.

This presentation can be tailored in 3 ways to fit the precise needs of your audience.

Your audience has unique needs and challenges.  Anne will work with you to customize the keynote or training to be sure it is exactly what they need.

Custom Option #1: CHANGE

  • Illustrate why your brain resists acceptance of change.
  • Help you overcome unknowns, and that wicked inner voice of doubt
  • Show how to lead those around you through change
  • Arm you with strategies to deal with internal and external speed bumps and build forward momentum towards acceptance and success.
  • Can be customized for dealing with organizational change, leading teams through organizational change, or personal evolution type change.

Custom Option #2: COMMUNICATION

  • Illustrate the value of effective communication, and where people often go wrong
  • Define assertive communication, and outline several tactics for achieving it
  • Engage a mindset shift involving communication with others so they want to communicate back.
  • Identify key factors of Emotional Intelligence that must come into play in order to achieve effective and tactful communication that builds relationships and creates influence.

Custom Option #3: CONNECTING

  • Illustrate the power and importance of connecting with others to become more influential.
  • Identify the characteristics of an influential person and how to embody those characteristics.
  • Illuminate the importance of self-knowledge and self-awareness
  • Armed with skills needed to connect and add value to the lives of others, thus adding value to yours. 

This content is typically delivered as a keynote presentation, but can also be tailored as a breakout or longer workshop to dive deeper into the topic.  During these deeper dives, Anne can interact more, and get to the bottom of the challenges participants are having, giving them specific tools to improve the results they’re getting.  Drop me a line, and let’s put something together for you.